Something Special Pairs Game

For those of you unaware Something Special is a show on CBeebies, it’s hosted by Justin Fletcher and Mr Tumble. The series is created for kids with special needs and they use Makaton sing language throughout the show. Its a show that Ethan never used to take any interest in but as he has got older he is starting to pay more attention to it. 

So whilst shopping I was quite surprised to see this Something Special Pairs Game in the shop as I never knew they made any merchandise. I had to buy them as the cards also have the Makaton signs on them and I thought what a perfect game for Ethan. 

I have decided to put them away for his birthday as my aim this year is to buy him birthday presents that don’t make noise or have flashing lights on them, toys that we can use to hopefully bring on Ethan’s motor skills and encourage his communication skills. I will keep you all posted on how I get on with this challenge. 

Something Special Pairs Game


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