Speech Therapy Appointment 1

Today we took Ethan for his first speech therapy appointment. We were referred by the health visitor before I took Ethan to our GP asking him to be referred about showing signs of autism.

Ethan was on fantastic form and made us look like liars!

This was the third visit for him to this clinic so this makes him a pro, which therefore meant he did none of his stimming. This mainly consists of him walking along the walls and following straight lines with his eyes. We do find that he is more prone to do this when he is in new places and perhaps nervous. Ethan walked straight in there bold as brass and started playing with the toys in the reception.

The speech therapist was a nice lady and asked us about the words that Ethan uses. The answer to this was simple, none! She played with him using bubbles and then Ethan made his own game which was climbing on her chair whilst she spun him round. With this game she showed us that we have to wait for Ethan to make some kind of noise or gesture to tell us that he wants actions repeated.

She observed that Ethan doesn’t know how to use imaginative play but he shows interest in some toys and playing with them in his way. This she said is a positive sign.

Ethan proved us liars when she asked if he makes any noise to which we said no not really, he then spent the whole appointment babbling to the toy tools she brought in for him. He has really started to do this after the past week since starting going to nursery. I also told her that he doesn’t know how to blow bubbles etc and that is the exact point that Ethan decided to blow onto the toy drill he was holding!

We left with information to read and homework to do for the next few months. We have to start working on more imaginative play and using his books to point out objects in them. She will then observe Ethan when he goes back in January for his development observation sessions and decide the next steps we are going to take.

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