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Staying At The Alton Towers Hotel

When we booked our short break at the Alton Towers resort I thought we would stay at the Enchanted Village. But we got a great deal booking a room at the Alton Towers hotel. Having a silver Merlin annual pass meant that we got up to 25% off of our booking. I also watched the prices before our stay and by adding the cancellation insurance I was able to rebook our stay at an even lower rate when I noticed the prices had dropped. This is our experience of staying at the Alton Towers Hotel.

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Staying At The Alton Towers Hotel

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Which Room Did We Book To Stay In?

Just like the LEGOLAND Windsor Hotel, the rooms in this hotel also have themes. There are quite a few to choose from and each one gives you a different experience. I booked a Moon Voyage Room as it has a separate children’s area. The area came complete with bunk beds, a TV, and an XBOX to play.

ethan bunk beds moon voyage room alton towers hotel

The rooms are galactic-themed taking inspiration from Sir Algenon’s travels to the moon.

wall mounted tv light moon voyage room alton towers hotel

The design has a Steampunk feel. We really liked the theming and the room had just as much detail as any of the LEGOLAND rooms we have stayed in.

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Where Did We Eat During Our Stay At the Alton Towers Hotel?

The Alton Towers hotel has one onsite restaurant, Secret Garden. This is where we ate our breakfast for both mornings of our stay. This is a buffet breakfast; we all ate a mix of cooked items, cereal, and fruit.

secret garden restaurant entrance alton towers hotel

We also ate dinner in the Secret Garden restaurant. I was worried about eating here as I wasn’t sure the children would like anything to eat. But they were very accommodating and cooked Ethan a pain burger and chips. Darren and I had sharing platter starters instead of mains as we weren’t particularly hungry. We had a really nice meal which didn’t actually cost us that much.

smiling tree secret garden restaurant alton towers hotel

There wasn’t anywhere in the hotel to have lunch but we easily picked up food around the theme park. This was primarily hot dogs and burgers but this was the children’s choice. I actually think Alton Towers has quite a variety of food outlets.

The Rollercoaster Restaurant

We also booked a table at the Rollercoaster Restaurant for dinner one night. This restaurant is located in the theme park near the Galactica Ride. At the Rollercoaster Restaurant, your food is delivered via tracks like a rollercoaster. It is a fun experience and we all loved the uniqueness of this restaurant.

ethan little e entrance rollercoaster restaurant alton towers resort

Our meal cost us just over £100 which I was expecting for a themed theme park restaurant.

tracks rollercoaster restaurant

How Close Is The Alton Towers Hotel To The Theme Park?

We are used to staying at onsite theme park hotels and they all vary in distance from the main theme park. There are two ways to enter Alton Towers when staying at the hotels. You can jump on the monorail which will take you to the main entrance to the park. The monorail station is a short walk from the hotel and can also be used by day guests at the park.

little e monorail

Or you can walk to the Galactica entrance to Alton Towers. This entrance can only be used by hotel guests and it lets you into the back of the theme park. Alton Towers is a big theme park so if you enter this way you still have about a twenty-minute walk to the main entrance of the park, if that is the area that you want to visit. This is where CBeebies Land is situated.

towers alton towers resort

We walked to and from the hotel on most days. This was easier than queuing for the monorail. We did however use the monorail when we knew it was quieter.

Evening Entertainment at the Alton Towers Hotel

Our stay at the hotel was mid-week in the summer holidays and there was evening entertainment on both nights during our stay. There was a children’s disco on both nights as well as a live singer in the main bar for the adults to enjoy. We made sure we made the time to listen to the singer.

singer evening entertainment

Is There a Swimming Pool at the Alton Towers Hotel?

There isn’t a swimming pool in the hotel. There is a spa but we didn’t have time to visit it. If you want to go swimming you can visit the Alton Towers Waterpark. This is located in the Splash Landings Hotel. It costs extra to visit the water park and you can easily spend a good few hours there. We booked tickets to visit and the children loved it.

front splash landings hotel

Would We Stay at the Alton Towers Hotel Again?

We really enjoyed our stay at this hotel. Even with the themed rooms, this hotel had more of a grown-up feel to it. Perfect for the age of our children now and as they grow. Having said that I don’t think this rules out younger children staying in this hotel as it has a nice family feel. I know our son would have loved to stay in the CBeebies Land Hotel but our daughter felt it was too young for her. This hotel was the perfect mix.

Whilst at Alton Towers the children kept talking about returning. As much as I would like us to experience staying at the Enchanted Village I think if the price was right we would book the hotel again. We think the Enchanted Village is situated further away from the theme park. This would add to the daily walking you would have to do. I do think we will return to Alton Towers but the distance from our home means we have to make it more of a mini holiday than a weekend break.

We love sharing our travel adventures on our blog. Make sure you visit our Travel Trips and Experiences post to read all about them.

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