Swim Fin #SwimFinSummer REVIEW

We were introduced to Swim Fins by Ethan’s swimming club. To try to get him moving more in the water and keeping him safe they would put a Swim Fin on him. I never got to see the Swim Fin in action as I am unable to attend Ethan’s swimming lessons now.

So I was very happy when Ethan was picked to take part in #SwimFinSummer to put the Swim Fins to the text over the summer holidays.

SwimFin high res logoWe have been using the Swim Fin for the past few months now taking it to a swimming party, a day at our local Haven and away on holiday with us last week.


The Swim Fin is attached around your torso with thick Velcro straps that holds it securely in place. Ethan has no problems with wearing his Swim Fin, so he must find it very comfortable.


There is no issue with worrying about how well the Swim Fin is fastened and I’m happy for Ethan to swim in the pool without having to support him in any way.

With armbands or a woggle I found Ethan wouldn’t use his arms whilst in the pool. With the woggle you also have the worry of them letting go of it in the water, that isn’t something you want if your little one doesn’t know how to swim!

The Swim Fin frees up Ethan’s arms, it also makes Ethan move more in the water. So although the Swim Fin supports you in the water and helps you to float you also have to work your arms and legs. Therefore teaching you now to swim. With armbands I would find that Ethan would quite happily float in the water and not move as he didn’t need too. The Swim Fin stops that option for him which is perfect.

At the moment Ethan swims vertically in the water, I think when he learns how to break this habit and swim in the correct position the Swim Fin will come into its own for him.

I would recommend Swim Fins for children learning to swim. I really do feel other flotation aids could hinder your child’s learning by getting them used to relying on their support. The Swim Fin works with your child, making them move in the water and hopefully giving them the confidence they need to become independent swimmers.

Swim Fins cost £21.99 each and can be purchased in a range of colours.

DISCLAIMER – We were gifted a Swim Fin for the purposes of this post. We always give our honest opinions, finding, beliefs and experiences of products.

1 thought on “Swim Fin #SwimFinSummer REVIEW”

  1. Jane and Ethan,

    Thank you for your review! Ethan looks like a little star with his SwimFin on and we are very confident that his swimming will continue to progress and improve as he wears the SwimFin more. Keep us posted on your progress!

    Karin @ SwimFin

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