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    Ellie’s Singing Tales Book REVIEW and GIVEAWAY

    ellies singing tales book 1 2

    With her books, Ellie’s Singing Tales, Andrea Worboys wants to encourage a love of music for young readers. These enchanting picture books are also illustrated by her daughter. Ellie’s Singing Tales There are two books available in the Ellie’s Singing Tales series. These books are ideally suited for readers aged 4 -7 years old. Each book includes a worksheet and a tune to play on your own musical instrument. As a child, Andrea Worboys was told she couldn’t sing. One comment can have a big impact on what we believe ourselves capable of. With Ellie’s Singing Tales Andrea wants to discourage this from happening again to other children. “As a…

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    Squirrel Squad Book REVIEW and GIVEAWAY

    squirrel squadand tale one eared bob

    Discover a hilarious new “tail” about a roaming Squirrel Squad fighting for truth, justice and, the acorn way. This is Stephen Hughes second book after making his debut with the charming story The Dinosaur in the Shed. Squirrel Squad and the Tale of One-Eared Bob The Squirrel Squad are a band of highly trained, go anywhere, help anyone, bushy-tailed heroes. They also have an air of mystery about them. Squirrel Squad and the Tale of One-Eared Bob is ideal for the Key Stage 1 age group. Containing illustrations by Emily Pool, this book focuses on rhyme to encourage reading along. It also has a laugh out loud storyline and characters…

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    Hamster Gangster Giveaway

    Author Angela Robb has released her first children’s novel Hamster Gangster. A story of one hamster in a world of rodent gangsters. We have two copies of the book to give away. Hamster Gangster Hamster Gangster is a book for children aged 8+. A funny, action-packed story about Rocco the pet hamster. He is no ordinary pet hamster. Being tired of being kicked around in a plastic ball he goes in search of his true destiny. Rocco wants to become a great leader amoung rodents. Through a mind-boggling mix of debatable genius and happy accident, Rocco mounts a daring escape. He heads for the Big City. It is there he…

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    Tales Of Mossycup Wood Book REVIEW and GIVEAWAY

    Emma Jane Dunne invites you into the world of Mossycup Wood with her debut book Tales of Mossycup Wood Frogbit and the Big Gloop. Tales of Mossycup Wood Frogbit and the Big Gloop There is a secret place deep in the heart of Mossycup Wood. Poggle Hollow is a place that not many people know about. The ones who do, keep it very hush hush. The Pogglewitt live in this very secret place. They are tiny, friendly, fun-loving folk. They live in nests that they place on the highest branches of the oldest trees. Frogbit and the Big Gloop is the first book in the series of the Tales of…

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    Parrots Don’t Live In The City! REVIEW

    We were asked to review the book Hedgehogs Don’t Live In The City! written by Lucy Reynolds and Jenna Herman. They also sent us a copy of the first book they wrote last year Parrots Don’t Live In The City! Parrots Don’t Live In The City! Just like the book Hedgehogs Don’t Live In The City! This book also contains beautiful hand-drawn illustrations. It also features rhyming verse making it easy to appeal to young readers. In this book Jack is sure he spots a parrot. Emily is sure Jack is mistaken. Parrots don’t live in the city! Are there parrots in the city? Will Jack and Emily be able…

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