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    Birds Eye #Afterschoolchefs Challenge

    With Little E’s arrival and the fact that her regular crying time is when I should be cooking the dinner, teatime has become quite a challenge.  It has been a nightmare trying to prepare meals that are healthy, include veg and something that Ethan will eat. With Little E’s demands the slow cooker meals have been a no go so at the weekends I have been batch cooking and freezing meals. This means lots of meal planning and quite a lot of time in the kitchen but it has meant in the week the dinners don’t take lots of thought or time to prepare. The downside being we are living…

  • Autism

    Toilet Training With Autism

    Before I had children I was positive that when my children started school they would be toilet trained, to name just a few things. Then we entered the world of Autism and I realised our goals would have to be adjusted. Not being toilet trained has been a tough pill to swallow. I never dreamed I would have to rely on someone to make sure my child is clean at school. The cold hard truth is that our child may never be toilet trained but we have to at least try to implement steps that could trigger the toilet training process. Turning four was the first milestone in the toilet…

  • Review

    Getting Visual With Twinkl

    I have noticed that things around here have been getting a little tougher with Ethan and I can only blame myself. November is a really busy month for us and it has really thrown me, and I’m feeling even less organised than before. Ethan must be able to feel these tensions and we are having more meltdowns than normal. I also know that they have really stepped up the use of visuals at Ethan’s nursery and at home we are lacking behind. I feel that we are expecting Ethan do to things for us but we are not giving him any visuals to show him what we want. This is…

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