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    Meeting Chewbacca At Disney’s Hollywood Studios

    Star Wars played a big part of my childhood growing up. This was partly because of having an older brother who loved the films and also my own love of the Ewoks. There were a few Ewok spin-off movies in the 80’s that I’m sure we hired from the video shop quite a few times. With our return to Walt Disney World planned I was quite excited about the Star Wars experiences you can find in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Meeting Chewbacca was at the top of my list. Who wouldn’t want to meet a Wookiee?! We visited Hollywood Studios on a Saturday and as we couldn’t use Ethan’s DAS (Disability Access Service)…

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    Our 2017 Christmas Tree

    Last year we put up our Christmas tree without the children. We thought this was for the best and it worked well. This year, as the children are older, I wanted it to be a family affair. So on Saturday we decided to put up our Christmas tree. We made Ethan aware of what we were going to do on the Friday. For the most part Ethan was quite settled about the change the Christmas tree brought to our front room. He did start to have some meltdowns around putting up the Christmas lights. Ethan knew they were meant to be on the tree and we just wasn’t quick enough…

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    5 Reasons to Stay at the Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport Before a Disney Cruise

    When we decided to add a Disney Cruise onto the start of our Walt Disney World adventure we knew we would need to book a hotel for our arrival night. We would be using Disney transport to take us to the Disney Dream so in our mind we had two options. To book a night at a Walt Disney World resort hotel or stay at the Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport. Here are our 5 Reasons to stay at the Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport before a Disney Cruise. 1 – No Transfer Time To A Hotel After A Long Flight After an eight hour plus flight with young children we…

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