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    How a Family Holiday Could Help Us Break Our New Year Resolutions

    It’s the start of the new year and a time when most of us decide to make New Year resolutions. A common resolution normally involves wanting to lose weight. Personally my aim is to get fitter and be healthier so that it’s easier to keep up with my very active children. I’m therefore hoping that this in-turn will mean I lose some weight too. With the New Year resolutions decided, new year thoughts normally turn to deciding on the annual holiday destination. Our dream is to return to Walt Disney World as a family of four. The problem is, if we can make our dream holiday a reality we will…

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    Word Of The Week – Shocked

    word of the week

    I don’t normally write about world events on our blog as I like to keep it as a place for our family memories and not subject of huge debate but this weeks events are the basis of our word of the week. This week our word of the week is Orlando holds a special place in our hearts as we got married there and it is the home of my favorite place, Walt Disney World. So we had a heavy heart when we heard about the terrible shootings that took place at the weekend. Another terrible act taking innocent life. Waking on Wednesday morning we couldn’t believe it when we…

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    I Was Cinderella For The Day

    They say that little girl’s dream of their wedding day from a young age. I can honestly say I don’t remember this but I can remember exactly when I knew I wanted to get married at Walt Disney World. Walt Disney World is somewhere I wanted to go from a young age. You used to be able to get holiday planning videos to watch and I would order them every year. I would drive my mum insane, and then at the age of 16 I got the chance to go there with my best friends family. On our first day we visited the Magic Kingdom and as you took the…

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    Disney Dreaming – Dream Destinations #Flying100

    Regular readers of our blog know that Disney has played a big part in my life for as long as I can remember. I have no idea where it started really. I remember my first Disney videos being Robin Hood and Sleeping Beauty, I think my brother brought me these. I can remember my mum buying me a copy of Beauty and the Beast from our local BlockBuster store, but for a very long time my ultimate goal was to visit Walt Disney World.  Before the time of the Internet and YouTube they used to send out videos to promote the holidays there. I would order a copy of the…

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    Magic Kingdom Bridal Photo Shoot – What’s The Story

    What’s the best thing about having a Disney Fairy Tale Wedding? Photos in-front of Cinderella’s castle in your wedding dress! Well obviously it’s not the only best thing, as we had an amazing day and we enjoyed every moment of it, but I knew a Magic Kingdom Bridal Photo Shoot would be the icing on the cake.     Disney has a rule when it comes to Wedding Dresses in the Magic Kingdom park, you are not aloud to wear them. I had heard it’s because they don’t want the young children to think you are a princess. I have seen people bend the rules when attending the Halloween Parties…

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