The First Year of School

This time last year we placed our little boy kicking and screaming onto the school bus. It was Ethan’s very first day of school, a heartbreaking moment for us but we knew that we had made the right choice of education for our son.


This time last year we were just getting brave enough to say that Ethan was pre-verbal. This meant we were starting to believe that speech might come. One day our little boy might talk to us. After being at school for a year our little boy has lots of words and he can communicate with us in his own way.

We saw a massive jump in his speech during the summer holidays and we couldn’t believe the transformation. Ethan still has a long way to go, he can’t have full conversations and he will only really use words around people he knows but sitting in this pre-verbal world is so much nicer than the non-verbal world. I truly believe his school setting helped with this change.

My biggest fear when thinking about Ethan’s school placement was would he be included. It was one of our main drives for deciding on a SEN school. This year we have been able to watch Ethan take part in his sports day and his Christmas concert. At nursery these events were always hard to watch but at school they are enjoyable.

Ethan has also received quite a few Star of the Week awards and there was a glowing school report brought home.

Ethan’s school has also helped with different appointments. We have seen the pediatrician and have even had an eye test. All of which have gone better than expected.

In the past year we have also been brave enough to send Ethan on school respite days and Ethan now even attends an after school club. A year ago the mention of these things would freak me out and I could never imagine they would be part of our world.

I really can’t believe that Ethan has only been going to school for a year. It feels like school has been part of our lives for a very long time now. I love the change school has made to Ethan. I have a very polite little boy who will great me with a ‘Good Morning’ and will even say ‘Thank you very much’. I know there are still so many things that we need to work on but I feel we have all come so far this year.

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