Project 365 2015 Week 41 - 43 Days 277-297

The Minion Pumpkin – Ethan’s New Friend

Last week Ethan’s school to and fro book mentioned that they had taken the children to purchase pumpkins. They also carved them in class. I love that Ethan got the chance to take part in this activity at school with his school friends. I have always said his learning at school is more about the experiences they can provide. On Friday Ethan came home from school with his pumpkin. It was a Minion Pumpkin!

Minion Pumpkin

Ethan was very excited about his pumpkin and babbled away trying to tell us all about it. We can only assume that Ethan helped to paint his pumpkin yellow, whist his TA’s made the eyes and added the other details. His motor skills aren’t ready to paint straight lines like that.

Ethan loved his Minion pumpkin, he helped him change the channels on the Skybox…

ethan minion pumpkin watching tv

and he sat on the sofa with him to watch TV on Friday evening and Saturday morning.

ethan minion pumpkin sofa

It made us feel like we had our very own version of Wilson from the movie Cast Away!

Unfortunately the affection Ethan showed his Minion Pumpkin meant that he didn’t last for very long. It was lovely to see Ethan become so attached to something. He has never really shown an interest like that before. He has had his obsessions but not an attachment. We will never forget Ethan’s Minion pumpkin.

14 thoughts on “The Minion Pumpkin – Ethan’s New Friend”

  1. Aw that was a great pumpkin. You will have to make another one with him a Wilson mark 2. We made a minion pumpkin, they are very popular in our house too. @SSAAchievements

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      We didn’t get to make another one this year but I will be looking into painting pumpkins with him next year x

  2. I saw this photo on #SundayPhoto and loved it – very clever. It’s lovely that he can become so attached to the pumpkin that it didn’t last long. That happened to us last year; very soggy very quickly!
    Enjoy Halloween, whatever you choose to do

  3. Well done Ethan, that is one lovely looking pumpkin! It went very nicely with his tshirt too.
    I guess I’m glad for you, in a way, that Ethan’s affection for it has now dwindled because it would start to get a bit soft and mouldy by now – you wouldn’t want that taken to bed!
    Loved it!
    Thanks for linking up with #SSAmazingAchievements 🙂

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      lol no the minion wouldn’t have been going to bed with him. We did have to remove it when he wasn’t looking x

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