The Pancake House

I love pancakes, Shrove Tuesday is easily my favorite day of the year. Unfortunately Ethan doesn’t agree with me and never eats my pancakes. We have even tried shop brought ones and he turned up his nose, even when we have added nutella. With this in mind when we visited The Pancake House at Center Parcs for a last day treat we didn’t order Ethan a pancake. We ordered him some ice-cream as he had already had his lunch.  I on the other hand ordered the Cookie Monster Stack!

The Pancake House Cookie Monster Stack

When the waiter brought over my pancakes Ethan heard the word cookie and within seconds dived right into my pancakes. You can just see his little hand in the top of the photo. He easily helped me eat over half of the pancakes and would have happily have had more if we didn’t stop him. We only stopped him because we were worried about the pancakes being too sweet for his stomach. I hated to do that as Ethan eating any new food needs to be encouraged.

So our trip to The Pancake House and the mention of the word cookie introduced Ethan to a new food group. I’m wondering if he was happy to eat these pancakes as they were the thicker American style. I will have to try Ethan with this style of pancakes again and hope that he enjoys them as much as he did at The Pancake House.

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