The Play Park

Our keep Ethan busy plan that we had in place over the summer holidays was massively let down by the weather. The rain we had during this time stopped quite a few of our plans and we had to get out and about when we could.

We took advantage of a dry afternoon in August and took Little E on her first official walk outside to the play park.


When we arrived at the play park we put both children into the swings. Ethan has always been a fan of swings and it was lovely to see Little E enjoying them too.


We have to work on Ethan’s balance before he can be moved onto the bigger swings. We will have to do this soon as he has suddenly grown!

Ethan had lots of fun in the play park as there were no other children there. He is getting braver on what he wants to play on but he still needs to be watched at all times. He can easily lose his footing and having no sense of danger can be lots of fun!


We also took both children on the sea saw and the roundabout. They had completely tired us out after about 45 minutes!

1 thought on “The Play Park”

  1. We love those days when we’re the only ones at the play park, when the whole park is your own it’s very exciting! Although I can see why having no sense of danger could be quite challenging.
    You had a good run of things at the park, 45 mins, plus a walk home. No wonder they were worn out!

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