Unwell Ethan :0(

It has been a long week in our house and quite a worrying one. Ethan has been really ill and I would say we still aren’t out of the woods yet but he is finally improving. 

When I called NHS Direct on Monday night they really weren’t any help at all! The question I wanted answered was ‘when you have tonsillitis can you also be physically sick’ the lady on the line would not give me a yes or no and she wanted us to drag Ethan out in the pouring rain to get him looked over again, we had just got him to sleep and I didn’t want to make him worse by dragging him out in the cold. 

On Tuesday we took Ethan back to the walk in centre and basically she told us what we were expecting they couldn’t really do anything unless Ethan was dehydrated and he wasn’t that bad yet. 

Ethan spent the remaining part of Tuesday and Wednesday on the sofa and not moving, this is not Ethan at all you normally can’t pin him down. He also wouldn’t take any food and the most worrying, water. 

But I’m pleased to say he has finally started to eat a little and let me give him water in a syringe. He still isn’t 100% but I’m over the moon that he is finally picking up. 

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