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Back in July we had an appointment at the hospital for Ethan’s annual pediatrician check up. Unfortunately we arrived to discover it had been cancelled as he had been moved onto the school’s doctors books. We soon got a letter in the post for a new appointment which happened last week.

The appointment was at his school and we took Little E with us as we didn’t have a babysitter for her. This actually turned out to be a very positive move.

Now doctors appointments are never a success where Ethan is concerned. He has lots of sensory issues when it comes to his mouth and a stethoscope will cause Ethan to meltdown. This means that if Ethan needs to be checked over Darren has to pin him down. This causes lots of screaming and is very stressful for all concerned.

This appointment was different and so much more relaxed.

We were seen and talked to the doctor before Ethan was collected from his class. This eliminated Ethan’s wait time which also causes him anxiety. During this time Little E took full advantage and explored the doctor’s office, causing full destruction in her wake!

When Ethan arrived the doctor played games with us all to look in our ears and mouths. Even Little E took part in the games playing along perfectly. I’m sure this helped Ethan to cooperate and the doctor got some very brief looks at Ethan without any screaming or being pinned down.

The stethoscope was a big test but with the help of the games and Little E the doctor was able to put the stethoscope on Ethan’s chest. It was over his jumper and when asked Ethan didn’t want to take his jumper off but its a very big step forward for Ethan.

The last thing the doctor tried was a hearing test, but Ethan wouldn’t put the headphones anywhere near his head. Even with Little E modelling them it was a no go. This is something the doctor will work on.

I think Little E’s presence made this one of the most positive doctors experiences that Ethan has ever had.

7 thoughts on “Visiting The School Pediatrician”

  1. That’s so lovely. It’s always amazing how children can often achieve what adults can’t when it comes to helping other children cooperate or learn, or to understanding them. #SSAmazingAchievements

  2. that is so good to hear! It is incredible just how much the little ones can bring out the best in them. Despite J’s regular meltdowns, he has never become aggressive or lost his temper with Miss T and only ever looks out for her and looks after her. Just incredible. x

  3. Well done Ethan and well done Little E! Dr appointments are not Sir’s most favourite thing either..
    Glad it all went smoothly for you 🙂

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