Walt Disney World – Day 1 – Magic Kingdom – Storybook Circus

After our TOMORROWLAND adventure we moved onto our next ride which I had been looking forward to as we had never been on this ride. It was time to ride the new and improved Dumbo so we made our way to the new Storybook Circus area. 

We didn’t have to wait long to board our Dumbo.

Ethan enjoyed making Dumbo fly high into the sky.
Unfortunately we had to avoid the new water play area as it wasn’t warm enough to let Ethan get soaked, on a hot day it looked like it would be lots of fun to play in.
So we made our way to Pete’s Silly Sideshow to meet Goofy and Donald. It was about a twenty minute wait but thankfully you could see the characters whilst you waited so Ethan was quite happy watching what was going on. 


Goofy wanted to teach Ethan how to play the drums on Darren’s head!
He also wasn’t happy until we were all in the photo. 
Next it was Donald. Ethan laughs at Donald when he is on Mickey Mouse Club House so I was interested to see what he would do but he was still being a little shy.


We decided to call it a day in the Magic Kingdom as it had been a long morning for Ethan and time for him to have a nap so we made our way back to the hotel by 11am.


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