Walt Disney World – Day 5 – Magic Kingdom – Fantasyland Continued and Lunch at The Crystal Palace

After taking in the sights of the NEW FANTASYLAND area we returned to FANTASYLAND to go for a ride on the Prince Charming Regal Carrousel

Both Ethan and I picked a carrousel horse and Darren kept Ethan safe. Ethan wasn’t sure what was going on at first and tried to get off of his horse before the ride started, Ethan can be quite impatient when it comes for waiting for things but I also put this down to the lack of verbal communication we have at the moment. We can explain things to Ethan but we have no idea if he understands as he can’t tell us if he does. When the ride started Ethan loved every minute.

Ethan on the Prince Charming Regal Carrousel


Ethan on the Prince Charming Regal Carrousel


Ethan on the Prince Charming Regal Carrousel

We then headed over to The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh

Last summer Ethan discovered Pooh’s Heffalump Movie and he got very obsessed with it, so much that we added the booking for today’s lunch at The Crystal Palace at the last minute to our plans so Ethan could meet his new found friends so I was interested to see what Ethan would think of this ride. To be honest I think there was too much going on and he just took it all in. I was concerned when we reached the Heffalump section as I thought it might be a little scary but Ethan didn’t make any noise of complaint.

So after a slightly disappointing reaction we made our way to the Mad Tea Party. I was looking forward to this one as Ethan loves to spin! Darren started to spin the teacup slowly…

Ethan on Mad Tea Party Teacups
…and then made it go faster and faster and faster! Ethan was laughing and screaming with enjoyment, it was fantastic to see. He loved this ride so much that we only had to walk past it and it would make Ethan break into a massive smile. 
Darren and Ethan on Mad Tea Party Teacups
Ethan on Mad Tea Party Teacups
We had had a fantastic morning but it was time to make our way for our lunch ADR at The Crystal Palace so sadly we had to say goodbye to the teacups.
The Crystal Palace
The Crystal Palace
We didn’t have to wait long to be called for our ADR time and as this is a buffet restaurant as soon as we were shown our table I went off to collect some lunch for Ethan as I knew he would be hungry. I found him so meatballs and pasta and he got stuck in right away, he was enjoying the food so much that he wasn’t bothered by the characters coming to say hello. 
Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore visited us first, I warned them that Ethan was a little messy!


Ethan and Winnie The Pooh


Ethan and Eeyore
I even got my photo taken this time, Darren must have finished his meal!


Jane and Eeyore
The characters then did a little parade around the restaurant and we took this time to clean Ethan up. Darren also went to get some desserts and come back with a plate of cookies that Ethan dived right into.  


Ethan Eating
Piglet was the next to visit us but Ethan was still to busy eating his cookie. On a good food day with Ethan he really does take after his dad!


Ethan and Piglet
And lastly Tigger come to say hello. Ethan paid a lot more attention to him but I’m sure that’s because he had finished eating or perhaps Tigger is his favourite.


Darren, Ethan and Tigger


Darren, Ethan and Tigger
We all really enjoyed our meal here, there was a great selection of food to choose from and you don’t feel rushed to leave. We used two or our table service credits and Ethan ate for free. Our bill came to $10 for the tip. 
We then made our way out of the Magic Kingdom so that Ethan could get a well deserved rest at the hotel before attending Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party that night. 
I took a few more photos along Main Street as we made our way home.


Magic Kingdom Halloween


Magic Kingdom Balloons


Magic Kingdom Halloween


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