What Will 2014 Bring?!

I can’t believe that 2014 is already here, time really does fly the older you get! 

Let me start my first post of the year wishing everyone a Happy New Year. I hope you keep all of the resolutions you make, and all your dreams come true. 

This time last year we were facing Ethan’s assessments and the date, February the 6th, was a date I was dreading, a date that would change our world forever. It was the day we would possibly get a diagnosis for Ethan. It turned out to be a date that brought with it a relief, yes Ethan got his diagnosis, but it lifted a weight and I felt like I was finally removed from a state of limbo. We could move forward. 

The diagnosis brought with it a massive change for me that I wasn’t expecting. I become a stay at home mum, Ethan’s full time carer. This was a change that Ethan needed, but one I wasn’t totally ready for and has brought with it highs and lows as I got used to my changing world. I also expected that I would be able to turn into a supermum and we would have a spotless and very organised home. This doesn’t happen in the world of Ethan, we love our organised chaos!  

2013 was definitely a year of change, and of learning new things. It wasn’t a bad year, we had a few unexpected surprises. Darren’s sister visiting from Australia wasn’t on our horizon this time last year, but it made 2013 a year to remember, and included a very enjoyable unexpected Disney trip. Another chance to create fantastic memories. 

2013 also saw me embracing the blogging world and more technology. I have met some fantastic people along the way, some of whom I have even met in person. I think I can how officially put it on my CV as my hobby. 

So what do I hope 2014 brings?

To be honest I’m trying to embrace taking each day as it comes, this means at this moment in time we have no plans or resolutions. 

I do have a new years wish ready for when I bump into a fairy or find the genies lamp! I would wish for Ethan to have speech, speech so that he could talk to us and others. Ethan has come so far this past year, as a year ago he had no words, now we have full use of Daddy and we even got a hello yesterday. I’m so proud of my little superstar. 

2014 will be another year of change for us as Ethan starts school this year and we await the outcome of his statement application. 

As always I feel our fate is in the hands of others but that it why we take each day as it comes. 

Happy New Year to you all x

8 thoughts on “What Will 2014 Bring?!”

  1. The speech is obviously coming ; I hope it speeds up for you and that 2014 is an amazing one in that respect 🙂 I love your attitude of taking it as it comes; that way, you’re open for all sorts of possibilities! Good luck with everything this year x

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      Thank you. I’m keeping everything crossed speech is on the way. Ethan does everything at his own pace ;0)

  2. Laura Mummy to Boyz

    Happy new year Jane – hoping Ethan continues to surprise you every week and you get to hear the magic ‘mummy’ very soon x

  3. Here’s to a wonderful 2014, full of laughter and speech and happiness.
    I hope your holiday period was great and you enjoyed every minute of it 🙂
    And I hope we get to meet soon! xx

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