What’s The Story – The Dress!

Anastasia Hollywood Dreams Wedding Dress
I thought I would continue the wedding theme for my What’s The Story posts as I was left some questions on the lovely comments I received and I’m enjoying looking back at the photos of our day. 
This is a photo of THE DRESS
This is the dress that had its own suitcase and travelled halfway around the world. This is the dress that was double our budget and my mum asked me to try it on as I would only get the chance to try on a designer wedding dress once. This is the dress that I spent six months trying to find another that made me feel like this dress did when I put it on. This is the dress that was ordered two years before our wedding date. This is the dress that I got an amazing deal on at a wedding show we visited. This is a dress that I will only wear twice (I will tell you more about that in another post) in my lifetime. This is the dress that I wore when I was a Disney Bride and I had a Fairy Tale Wedding. 
Her name is Anastasia and she was a Hollywood Dreams dress. 


14 thoughts on “What’s The Story – The Dress!”

  1. So lovely to hear more about your wedding and what a fabulous dress. I still don’t know how you managed to get everything organised for a wedding abroad. It must have been so stressful for you! Thank you for linking up with #whatsthestory

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      Thank you. The internet helped me plan and also Disney have some fantastic wedding planners on their team. I couldn’t have done it without them.

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