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Why Private Villas Are Great For Families

Hotels can be incredible, but the more you travel, the more you start to want your own space. Eat when you like, and you do not have to worry that if you sleep in, you will miss your breakfast. Villas are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to stay. 

Many families need larger spaces, and those with younger children know how stressful a crying baby can feel in a confined hotel room. So why should you be thinking about staying in a villa and not a hotel?

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Without a doubt, the main reason you should be thinking about renting a villa for your next holiday is because of space. It’s not just inside space either; typically, a villa will have a secure garden so that if you have children, they can play safely. 

If you love to go on holiday with your extended family, a villa will work out to be the cheapest option too! 


Fussy eaters? Allegory requirements? Prefer bigger portions? No matter how you and your family like to eat, you will be able to cater for your family’s needs by having your own kitchen in a villa. 

There are some villas that have the added bonus of having catering companies nearby if you want to splash the cash. But, most often, heading to a supermarket or a street market will mean you get exactly the food you want. 

Not to mention that you won’t be beholden to the meal times offered up by hotels. It can also dramatically cut down the costs of eating out – because you will have everything you want in the villa. 

Better views

If your idea of relaxation is kicking back in the evening with a glass of wine, and looking out over the local area, then a villa wins hands down. Hotels are typically in built-up areas, and only some of the rooms and suites will have a good view (that you often have to request and pay more for). 

Almost all European countries will have a villa that works for you and offers those beautiful views that make a holiday worth it. You can check out a luxury villa rental in Ibiza on to see just how much better the views are! 


Anyone with a busy life will know how hard it can be to get five minutes of peace or time to talk and reconnect. Private villas typically have a few places to sit inside and outside, so if you are in serious need of a few minutes of silence, then this will be the best way to get it.

In a hotel, you are likely in the same room, and even when everyone is asleep, you won’t be getting any alone time. Travel is one of the best ways to get peace, and there are reasons that there are Benefits Of Travel On Mental Health

No Hidden Costs

Have you ever been going through the booking process only to see costs being added on, like extra cot beds, late check-outs, transportation, food, pool usage and more? When you book a villa, you will be able to get a handle on the costs much easier. 

You book with clarity over what the price includes, and you know what you need to bring or buy when you are there. 

Although there are usually add-ons you can choose from, it is up to you if you take them.

DISCLOSURE – This is a collaborative post.

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