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Word Of The Week – Beginning

It’s been a busy few weeks and I didn’t get the chance to write a word of the week post last week. So this week my word of the week is beginning as it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas! The past two weeks have been very busy. Lots of life things are going on and the Christmas activities have started.


After our bout of doctor visits, we took Little E for her blood tests at the hospital. She was an absolute superstar. The appointment went very smoothly and we got her results back a few days later. There are no causes of concern with her results but we have ticked a box that needed to be ticked. We got the cream for Ethan’s spot, it was out of stock in a few pharmacies. At the moment we can’t see that is doing anything. So I think we will need to go back to the doctor.

Christmas is beginning at the children’s schools. We hosted a game at Little E’s Christmas Fate. We also won a prize in the raffle. Ethan has been on two Christmas trips. A visit to a Christmas Party. It’s hosted by a sports charity and Ethan won an award last year there for his progression in sport. One of the girls in his class won one this year. He also went to a Christmas panto. Little E has a panto trip coming up. We also have dates for their Christmas shows coming up.

We have been beginning to go on family Christmas trips. Last weekend we went to see Disney Wish with Nanna and Pappy. This weekend we went to watch a football match as a Christmas treat with Ethan’s football club. We also visited Chessington on Sunday. They are holding the Winters Tale event. Ethan was happy to get the chance to visit Santa. At thirteen he still believes in Santa and telling Santa what he wants for Christmas is one of the tasks he has to complete.

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