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Word Of The Week – Butterflies

I thought that this week’s word of the week would be eleven. We did spend our weekend celebrating Ethan’s eleventh birthday but our week very quickly became all about the butterflies. The first Butterfly made its appearance on Sunday which was the source of much excitement.


On Sunday morning one of the chrysalis became very dark. You could also see the colour of the butterfly wings coming through them. It wasn’t long before the butterfly emerged. We totally missed it happening but suddenly we had a butterfly in our Live Butterfly Garden. We went for a walk with Nanna and Pappy on Sunday and Little E looked for the perfect stick to place in the Butterfly Garden for the butterflies.

On Monday the rest of the butterflies emerged. One before the children went to school. I actually got to see and capture one of them emerge. Unforntually Darren was on the school run. The last one Darren was actually in the kitchen when it emerged but totally missed it. We made the butterfly’s food with the supplied nectar sachet (sugar water) and pieces of fruit.

Looking at the weather for this week I thought it would be best to release our butterflies on Tuesday. We did this after school and we all got to say goodbye and see them fly off. I really enjoyed watching our caterpillars turn into butterflies. Ordering this set for Little E this year was one of the best things I have done.

The rest of this week has passed just as quickly as it did last week. But because of our busy weekend at the beach celebrating I have felt quite tired. I’m looking forward to having a weekend at home this week. It will of course be filled with the housework I missed out on doing last week.

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  1. How exciting. I really do love butterflies (you only have to look at my blog header to see that) but you have made me think of doing this myself. I hope your little butterflies enjoyed their new freedom to fly off. #wotw

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