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Word Of The Week – Computer

This week has been a bit of a weird one as Darren has had to work from home. He is a driver so working from home isn’t something that he can really do. But this week he has had to attend a training course. He has had to use my computer all week so that he can take part in this training.


Darren isn’t a computer person. He doesn’t really know how to use them. Which I think is weird as I spend every day of my life on a computer. If there wasn’t an iPhone with apps he probably wouldn’t be connected to any technology at all. Honestly, that sounds like bliss!

This meant that I had to set Darren up for all of his training this week. Around my work and running around with the children. Thankfully Darren was just on video calls all day and there wasn’t anything more complex than that to do. In a post-pandemic world where I’m on video calls for a lot of my job now this was all new to Darren. He found it very tiring and draining. This was good to hear as my job makes me very tired and I thought it was just me!

Having Darren at home really did change our normal weekly routine. It was good as we got to have dinner earlier and a bit more down-time. The children were also back at school this week after having to be absent for some of the days the week before. But Ethan did have one day affected by the teacher’s strike. It was fun trying to keep him quiet whilst Darren was on his video calls. Ethan likes to announce his routine throughout the day quite loudly. Thankfully Darren worked out how to control the mute button for the computer mic quite quickly.

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2 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Computer”

  1. It must so weird for someone who doesn’t usually work on computers to have to use one. Graham had to help out his brother this week as he’d bought a new laptop and didn’t know what to do…it was like the blind leading the blind because Graham hasn’t used a laptop for years, he always uses his phone for everything! I couldn’t live without my laptop, I do everything on it.

  2. Oh, that was strange Darren working from home considering he’s a delivery driver. It does sound hard work for him as he’s not used to using a computer. It sounds like the mute button came in handy. lol x

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