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Word Of The Week – Easier

Last week felt challenging, but this week felt a little easier. Little E is still adjusting to her new school but she went in a few times this week without looking back at me. Taking her to her after-school clubs didn’t feel like the battle it was last week. She even said she enjoyed them. I also managed to find the time to add her name to the waiting list of an athletics club. Something I promised her I would do when she came third representing her old school in the athletic competition last year.


My work has been busy this week. Having the children back in their school routine made it easier for me. I have to fit the school runs and clubs around my work but when they are at school I only have to concentrate on working. We also looked into a holiday club this week that both children can attend. Little E was bored in the summer when I worked and I can easily find clubs for her but Ethan needs support which most places don’t provide. So having one that they can both attend will hopefully make the school holidays a bit easier. I just need to budget the cost of the days into our spending.

This week also brought with it Darren’s birthday. I always feel sorry for Darren with his birthday being so close to Christmas. We never really have the funds to celebrate. But we did get the chance to go to the cinema last Sunday to see Avatar The Way of Water. We both also had the day off yesterday and we went out to lunch whilst the children were at school. I can’t remember the last time I had a day off that wasn’t for a family trip or appointment. It was nice to get out, just us.

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5 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Easier”

  1. It sounds like school is getting better and I hope you manage to find the right holiday club. It’s nice to have some spare time with your partner isn’t it. I remember we used to go for lunch but we ended up spending 4 hours together in A&E this year and I commented afterwards that it was the longest time we’d spent alone for ages.

  2. I am glad this week was easier especially for Little E. It sounds like things are going well for her, I hope she doesn’t have to wait long for the athletics club. The holiday club sounds great and a fantastic help for you. x

  3. Life always feels easier when you’ve got a good routine. When my children were much younger, almost every evening one of them had an after school club. It was a bit of a trudge for me, but it did make me more organised. Athletics club sounds fun. Hope Little E can start soon. Happy birthday Darren. My birthday is close to Christmas too, so I know how it feels. Hope this week is just as easy for you.

  4. I am a big fan of going out to lunch whilst the kids are at school, no baby sitters to organise and you can eat in peace. I think I shall tell hubby that we need to do that very soon! Glad E is more settled now.

  5. I’m glad that Little E is starting to settle in and has enjoyed some of her after-school clubs and that things are feeling a little easier for you. Having a holiday club that both children can attend will be so much easier – hope that it works out for you. Sounds like you and Darren had a nice day together for his birthday. It’s so nice when you can have time out just the two of you. #WotW

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