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Word Of The Week – Flash

My word of the week this week is

Flashas this week has just gone past in a flash.

Firstly I must apologize to all of my blog readers and everyone that leaves me comments. This week was going to be my catch up week and I even wrote a to do list. I was going to reply to all my comments and read other blogs linked up to linkys I take part in. Suddenly it is Friday again and this hasn’t been done. Hopefully I will have better luck this weekend.

I honestly don’t know where the week has gone, all I know is that I haven’t stopped. It hasn’t even been filled with appointments just running errands.

One positive thing is I was able to find the time to fill in my tax return and get through to tax credits. So two important things have been crossed off my very long to do list, only one hundred more things to go!

I blame Little E, she really is keeping me on my toes and is loving her new-found mobility. This is also making me exhausted in the evenings which is when I normally play catch up. Hopefully I will get more done next week.

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