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Word Of The Week – Intense

The last time I got to catch up with the word of the week I said it felt like we were starting to get active again. This has carried on for the past few weeks; at times, it has felt a bit intense. It has been an excellent intense though as we have been busy with good things. To be honest, I need some downtime to process all that has gone on this year. I know I still need to work my way through the grieving process.


The children had the May half-term holiday from school. Both Darren and I had to work the three days but we both got the two bank holidays off for the Queen’s Jubilee. We did get to go on an adventure at the end of the half-term as PGL invited us on one of their Family holidays. We had so much fun and was actually just what I needed. A break from our house and time to connect as a family.

The week that followed was intense for Little E as she had her dance show. It was the first show in a theatre for three years. The week was full of rehearsals and staging sessions. Lots of running around for us all. Little E danced in both shows that weekend and had three dances so it was a big thing for her. She enjoyed it and was glad she took part. We all really enjoyed watching the show too.

We are now coming to the end of the school year which is always intense. I think things will be more normal this year with sports days and parents’ evenings to attend. All of which have to be juggled around my working day. I’m already looking forward to the break from the routine that the summer holidays bring. We did have quite an intense summer holiday adventure planned. This past week I changed our plans so that we don’t have to have the stress of airports and flights. The kids can still get their adrenaline fix and we can also get some good downtime. This also frees up some days from work so that we can have the October half term off with the children too.

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