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Word Of The Week – iPad

I’m a little late with my Word of the Week again this week but hopefully after the summer holidays normal service will resume!

This week our word of the week is


Ethan has finally decided he likes his iPad again. After the first weeks of the summer holidays with Ethan deciding that all he wanted to do was Watch Nick Jr Too its been a welcomed change and we have been able to relax a little.

With Ethan playing on the iPad again we no longer have to watch back to back Peppa Pig, or even the same episode repeated for hours at a time. He still likes to climb but it is reduced a bit when the iPad is in favor.

This has made us all relax a bit more this week and it has been one of the more enjoyable weeks of the summer holidays for all of us.

It has been another busy week with visits to Clarks for new shows for both children and we even ended up going to the Clacton Air Show yesterday because I booked a beach hut without knowing the show was on. It was a first for all of us.

It has taken six weeks but we have really enjoyed this week, it feels like we have finally got into the swing of the school holidays!

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