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Word Of The Week – Issues

After a great getaway last week, this week we have had a few issues! Both me and Darren have our own issue and our house also decided to join in with the fun. We also had a bit of a parcel issue too. Thankfully the children have no issues which is a massive bonus.


My issue actually started before we left Port Lympne although I wasn’t aware of the problem until we had stopped at the services. As I was eating my breakfast I thought I had eaten something crunchy. I had ordered an American breakfast so I had crunchy bacon and didn’t think anything of it. It turns out one of my teeth has given up the ghost. Before our wedding one of my teeth needed to have a root canal. After having Ethan that same tooth needed a reverse root canal. They go in at the top of the tooth for that and I had to go to the hospital. The tooth has now cracked and I’m assuming some of the filling has come away.

I was very lucky to get an emergency appointment on Tuesday. The dentist knew what tooth I was talking about before he had looked in my mouth. After double and triple-checking there is no way he can save my tooth and I have to have it removed. The dentist was quite upset. He always kept an eye on this tooth but because of lockdown, he hasn’t been able to see me as much as he should have. What can we do?! He told me I can’t get out of having this tooth out I need to be brave. He had referred me twice for my wisdom teeth and both times I have talked the dentist out of taking them out. It scares the life out of me. I’m booked in to have this tooth out on Tuesday!

Darren’s issue has been his ankle. He twisted it as he stepped out of his van on Tuesday. To be honest he should really get an X-ray. He said he might go to the hospital tonight but I can’t see that happening. So this week Darren has been hobbling around with a very swollen foot. I’m assuming that if it was broken that would not be possible for him.

Our house issue is a problem with our boiler. It is cutting out all the electrics in the kitchen whenever it tries to work. Trying to run the hot water for a bath on Tuesday was a very interesting battle. We were able to get an appointment with British Gas for today. Like all things electrical it made me out to be a liar and is working perfectly today. The gas man has ordered some new parts that could be the issue and is hopefully returning on Monday.

I had an interesting parcel issue on Thursday. I was waiting on a birthday present to arrive but the parcel contained someone else’s order. Thankfully it was a Playmobil toy just not our chosen one. The toy shop couldn’t apologise enough. They are sending out our correct order and let us keep the delivery so we had a gift for the birthday boy. I’m hoping this will be the last of our issues for a while!

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3 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Issues”

  1. eek, lots of issues there for sure. I have had four teeth out now and it’s never pleasant, but I’ve been lucky to heal quickly afterwards. Good luck on Tuesday. Bad news about your husband’s ankle too, I don’t want to make you worry but my sister-in-law hobbled about on her ‘sprained’ ankle for two weeks before getting an xray and needing an operation and one of those boot things. I hope you get your boiler fixed soon and that you have no further bad issues.

  2. Sorry to hear that you need a tooth out and hope that all goes well on Tuesday and that the process will be as painless as possible. Hope that Darren’s ankle heals soon and that it isn’t broken and that you get your boiler sorted out. Glad that the toy shop let you keep the delivery and are sending out the correct one. Hope that next week will see fewer issues for you! #WotW

  3. Oh no! That is rotten news about your tooth. I hope everything goes OK with having it out. Be brave.
    Eek! It does sound like Darren has done something to his ankle. I hope it’s feeling better now.
    I hope you get the boiler sorted. x

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