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Word Of The Week – Laughing

There were times this week when I thought the universe was laughing at me. The time I thought was right to start decreasing my anxiety medication the world thought it would test me. It felt like it was saying what else can I send you to cope with. But as I write this I know that I’m doing OK.


Ethan is still testing us. He is throwing things and laughing about it. It is exactly the same as last time but this time I’m trying to keep myself emotionally detached from the actions. Just taking things off of him and making be quiet gestures. Little E is older now and she is taking the brunt of his actions. He is desperate for her attention and trying to gain it from negative actions. It has been causing some real siblings battles. Ethan really is out of sorts at the moment and this is the result. I’m sure we follow this pattern every year after Christmas.

Another way the universe has wanted to test me this week is in the form of hospital appointments for a family member. These appointments came out of the blue and were quite urgent. Thankfully all is well but it was something I wasn’t expecting to have to deal with this week.

One thing I have noticed this week is that I am laughing more. I must admit that I am wondering if reducing my tablets has made me start to feel stressed again. Uncontrollable laughing is never a good sign, right? But I also think that perhaps reducing my tablets is letting me connect with myself again. When I started taking the tables one of my friends told me the tablets made them feel detached. I was never really aware of that feeling. I do know though that things have happened whilst I have been on them and I thought perhaps I should feel angrier about it. I’m proud of myself for getting through this week and I’m actually really enjoying laughing more.

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4 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Laughing”

  1. It all sounds very testing and seems strange that you have chosen laughter, but I hope the laughter increases and truly brings you joy. Coming off medication is always hard, but feeling detached from yourself is not good either. Big hugs x

  2. I’m glad that you’re doing okay in spite of the things that have been testing you. Hope that things start to improve soon with Ethan’s throwing and glad that all was well with your family member’s hospital appointment. It’s good that you’re enjoying laughing more – I found when I was on depression meds many years ago that they made me feel detached too. It’s good that you’re able to reconnect with yourself a bit more again and hope that things continue to feel manageable. #WotW

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