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Word Of The Week – Lockdown Birthday

This week was a milestone for the Covid-19 Pandemic as we marked a year since we went into lockdown. What a year it has been! As we are still in lockdown this week I also celebrated my second lockdown birthday.

lockdown birthday

My birthday was yesterday. The children were in school and Darren was at work so I made plans to meet a friend. We walked into town so that I could buy myself a Marks and Spencer’s birthday cake. It has the first time we have seen each other for well over a year. We text regularly but it was nice just to get the chance to see someone different.

My second lockdown birthday was such a contrast from last year when no one really knew what was happening. I got a nice delivery of cards, Darren was able to arrange some gifts and we even had a takeaway for dinner. We will treat ourselves to some of the cake tonight when the children come home from school.

Apart from my birthday celebrations, we have had a pretty quiet week. We are starting to get into a routine with school and work. I have even extended some of my working days.

Little E made an Easter Bonnet with her dad for today’s Easter parade. There was lots of excitement getting the chance to wear them at school today.

There was also excitement for Ethan as he lost another tooth. We did have to google children’s teeth as I thought he was too old to still be losing them. This meant he had a visit from the tooth fairy who left him ten coins. They total to a pound but he doesn’t know their monetary value. At the moment he is having fun holding and counting them. His class also had a visit from the Easter Bunny which was also the cause of great excitement. It has been nice having a quiet week before the madness of the Easter holiday starts.

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4 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Lockdown Birthday”

  1. Oh Happy Birthday. I’m so glad you were able to spend the day catching up with a friend. Plus cake and a takeaway. It is a strange old time and hopefully second lockdown birthdays won’t be experienced by all. Lucky Ethan having the tooth fairy visit and the Easter bunny in the same week. I miss making Easter bonnets and the parade. Hope Little E had a good time. #wotw

  2. Happy belated birthday and glad your second lockdown birthday was a nice one. Love that Ethan was so happy with his visit from the tooth fairy and his class’s visit from the Easter bunny and hope Little E enjoyed wearing her Easter bonnet yesterday. Have your children broken up for Easter now? Sophie’s school doesn’t break up until Thursday. #WotW

  3. Wishing you a belated happy birthday, It does feel strange that people are starting to have their second lock down birthdays. I’ve only had one, but my birthday is in November so fingers crossed things will be better by then. I used to love the days when we decorated Easter Bonnets and decorate eggs. I have plans with my Little Man to work on a secret ‘eggcellent’ project this weekend.

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