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Word Of The Week – Organising

This week has been a week of organising. I wasn’t planning it to be but with my work being a bit quieter than normal I needed to take advantage. Darren also had plans of his own for organising our home. We really were both on the same page this week.


This week on his day off Darren organised the canvas photos in our front room. We have moved the front room around meaning we had to reposition our prints. He also had to do a bit of painting to cover some patches. We have been able to make a space for my Mickey Mouse LEGO art. Darren also said we could buy another set so that I can create the matching Minnie Mouse.

I got some time on Tuesday to do some organising with Little E’s clothes. I hadn’t added the new clothes we purchased the other week into her wardrobe yet. Putting these away I was able to remove some of the items that she is now too big for. I was able to pass some of the items on to another mum at school. Little E has grown out of all her school uniform and it has hardly been worn. Hopefully, the other little girl will get some wear out of it.

On Wednesday I spent some time organising the photos on our hard drive. I wasn’t planning to I just started to think about writing a post about our visit to Paultons Park in October 2019. I managed to archive some blog review photos and remove some photo duplicates from when the upload must have had a moment.

At Christmas, I started organising the children’s toys. We have so many they aren’t played with now and I like to send them to Ethan’s school. With the third lockdown, this got a bit sidetracked and the house turned upside down again. I have taken a few spare moments to start the declutter again. Placing toys in boxes for the school without little eyes noticing.

We also have a busy May half-term week coming up. Our organising isn’t going very well. I also need to order some new clothes for myself as well as sort out a few food deliveries. We have spoken about our plans I just haven’t sorted things out yet!

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4 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Organising”

  1. I hope the rest of your organising goes well for half term. Sometimes it seems like you can spend a lifetime organising things, I feel in awe of those people who have everything under control all the time.

  2. Sounds like you’ve had a busy week with all the organising. It’s nice to be able to pass outgrown clothing on and know that someone else can get the wear out of it too. I need to go through Sophie’s clothes again. Good luck with sorting out the toys and getting organised for May half-term. #WotW

  3. I like when things progress so well, not just in our heads but in real life too. This week I really want to tackle under the kitchen sink! It looks clean but just full of years of stuff (cleaning products) that we don’t even use. I keep telling myself I will get some plastic containers and just get it done. Well, I think this week is it. We will also see what we can make with anything we find, like tubs and boxes, etc.
    And one of the jobs I haven’t done in a long time is digital organising! I better get my skates on.
    Let’s hope things stay organised for you for long.

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