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Word Of The Week – Plan

This week our word of the week is


as we have finally been able to book the first part of a planned holiday for next year. It is a holiday that we have talked about for the past year and this first stage of booking feels like a long time coming.

We are still unsure if we can actually pull this holiday off as Ethan’s needs need to be taken in to full consideration. It will involve a plane journey and Ethan is already saying he doesn’t want to go on a plane. He has been on a plane before but as he was only two it is unlikely he will remember.

It has taken us a year of discussion to work out which resort we wanted to book. Which offered the best amenities for Ethan and our family and it is such a relief that the decision is finally locked in.

There is still a long time until we pull this trip off and I still won’t believe it is happening until we are on the plane but at least the planning has started.

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4 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Plan”

  1. Oh at least you have a holiday to focus on and think about for next year, something to look forward to even if you have to overcome some hurdles, and getting Ethan on a plane. Be positive, look forward and I’m sure with all the planning you’re putting in place your holiday would be worth it!

    PS: sorry I haven’t popped over for a while, it’s been crazy busy & finding time to fit everything in sometimes feels impossible! Lovely to catch up with you x

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