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Word Of The Week – Quickly

This week has passed very quickly. Helped by the bank holiday on Monday and the fact that Darren only had to work for three days this week. I totally forgot that Monday was a bank holiday and it was nice getting the chance to have a computer break.


I was hoping that having Monday off would give me the chance to sort out some house bits. We started to de-clutter the toys after Christmas. The recent lock-down stopped our flow. Having the kids at home again made even more mess. Things didn’t go to plan at the weekend and before we knew it the bank holiday weekend flew by very quickly.

My working hours also felt like they flew past this week. I have done a mixture of work and training this week. The programme I’m training in is starting to feel familiar making it feel a bit easier. But I am stuck on making one item work so I will be watching YouTube videos on Monday. Hopefully, they will help me work it out.

Suddenly Ethan’s birthday preparation was upon us. I promised Little E that she could pick Ethan a birthday cake. So on Thursday, we took a trip into town. We took a bus as she liked the last time we went on the bus. This was the second time I have ever got on a bus since we moved here. This time I showed Little E how to stick her arm out so the bus driver knows you want to get on. We went into Marks and Spencer’s to get Ethan’s birthday cake. I thought Little E would pick Colin the Catapillar but she went with the big chocolate cake. She did however pick the Colin the Catapiller cupcakes which I can’t wait to try!

This weekend Ethan turns eleven. I can’t believe how quickly those years have passed. We have a beach hut day planned as he loves visiting the sea. Unfortunately, it looks like we are going to have a wet and rainy day. But we are just going to go with it and make some memories.

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4 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Quickly”

  1. Ethan is almost the same age as my Little Man, he turns 11 in 3 months. I’m glad little E enjoyed her trip to the shops and the cake choosing. I hope Ethan’s birthday goes really well x

  2. Sounds like a busy week. Hope you manage to get to grips with the thing you’re struggling with at work and that the YouTube videos help. Happy 11th birthday to Ethan (how is he 11 already?!) for this weekend and hope he has a nice day. #WotW

  3. I hope the weather is kinder in your neck of the woods, for your seaside visit. Love the idea of a beach hut day. I think Little E’s cake choices sound perfect. I hope Ethan has a fabulous day. Happy birthday! Sorting out always takes longer than I imagine. I have so many bags waiting for a visit to the charity shops. Must get them down there. #wotw

  4. Making memories, whatever the weather, is always a good idea. The kids will remember the fun they had, and hopefully nothing much about the foul weather.
    Hope you enjoy those caterpillar cupcakes too. Chocolate cake sounds yum too.

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