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Word Of The Week – Rain

It was back to school and work this week as our downtime was over. It was a bit of a shock to the system but it was nice getting the children back into a routine. I also went to London on Monday to have lunch with my teammates so it was quite a busy week. It was also a week full of rain and Storm Ciarán which thankfully didn’t hit our area as hard as they were expecting.


I had to pick rain as my word of the week this week. It felt like every time me and Ethan went to school we got caught in the rain. Somehow Little E always missed it! There was one morning this week when there was a terrible downpour. It only lasted a few minutes but we both got soaked through to the skin. I had to go back to Ethan’s school right away to give him a full change of clothes. It took days for my trainers to dry out.

The rain also made Ethan have a bad meltdown this week. I think it was the weather app on my phone that really did it. It was raining on the way to Little E’s dancing lessons. Ethan had my phone and was checking different things on it. He was saying something about the rain and then suddenly became upset. I can only assume that the app wasn’t showing that it was raining when it was clearly raining. Things like that can really upset Ethan. In some ways, our phones can be such a godsend with Ethan but they can also be the source of meltdowns.

The rain also continued this weekend. It meant that we didn’t go to football on Saturday and we also had to change our fireworks plans. We did think about going to a local fireworks display. Instead, we drove to Calcton-on-Sea to watch the fireworks at the pier. They are free to watch which helps the budget at this time of year.

This week was the anniversary of us moving into our new home. It feels like a lifetime ago we made the move but it has only been a year. So much has happened during that time. A few ups and downs but I think we all feel the move was a good one. I think Little E finally feels accepted by her school friends. We even went out on Halloween this week trick or treating. A first for her, something that we had never done in our old house. I think we are still getting used to the changes in some ways things are getting easier.

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4 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Rain”

  1. I’m glad you have settled in your new home. I still dream that I’m living in my old house when I have lived here for 10 years now! I know how Ethan feels about the weather app. It’s frustrating, bless him. I hope he recovered from his meltdown quickly. We have been lucky avoiding most of the rain which seemed to pass overnight. There was a couple of days where I didn’t bother practicing driving because it’s hard enough when it’s not raining. Fingers crossed we get a few dryer days now for a while.

  2. My WotW was rain too. I am so sick of it but this week looks a lot brighter. Little E did well to not get caught in the rain, I managed to miss getting soaked too. hehehe It’s no fun trying to dry trainers though. x

  3. The rain has been particularly disruptive around here too. So happy the storm didn’t cause much damage here too. I saw some devastating images on the news. Glad your family is back into a routine which is always a good thing. Hope this week goes well too.

  4. The rain always does seem to be worse at school run time, doesn’t it? We had a similar experience last week – I was thankful that it was only a short walk home! Glad the storm didn’t hit you as much as anticipated. We got off lightly here too. Sorry to hear that the weather app caused a meltdown for Ethan. Thomas gets upset by things like that too. Hope you enjoyed watching the fireworks at the pier. Happy 1st anniversary for moving into your home. #WotW

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