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Word Of The Week – Requests

Thankfully this past week we didn’t get caught in too much rain but we did get lots of requests from the children’s schools. Little E brought home four letters for me to go through and Ethan brought home two. So I spent a lot of this week working out what the school was asking and sorting out their requests.


The main request this week was around a school trip for Little E. Her class was going on a school trip this week into town but the school didn’t want to get a coach for what should be a ten-minute journey. Requests were made for the parents to take their children to a meeting point in town. But travelling into town at the times they wanted wouldn’t be a ten-minute journey. The times also clashed with Ethan’s school’s starting and finishing times. Thankfully another mum was able to take Little E to the meeting point for me. We were able to arrange this ourselves just by chatting on the school run. I think the school should have been a bit more proactive perhaps helping to work out some car sharing.

Both children brought home Christmas trip requests. Both schools will be visiting a Christmas panto this year. They will both be going to different shows on different days. I had to give permission for them to go as well as paying some money towards the tickets and travel. Ethan’s school will also be stopping at McDonald’s for lunch. He did have the option to take lunch with him but I know he won’t stand for that!

Little E’s school is preparing for a Christmas Fate. Apparently, it’s the first time they have had one since 2019. There were letters requesting a donation of gifts and also a bottle in exchange for a non-uniform day. Not forgetting its Children In Need on Friday there were also requests for that!

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  1. Some weeks are like that with requests from school aren’t they? We’ve had the ones about Christmas trips recently too. Glad you got sorted out with getting Little E to the meeting point. Hope she and Ethan both enjoy their panto trips. How lovely that the school is having a Christmas fete again. #WotW

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