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Word Of The Week – Returning

After Boris Johnson’s announcement, it felt like everyone was talking about returning to normal this week. Whatever normal is! We were able to experience our own small return this week as Ethan returned to school.


I was made aware on Friday before half term that Ethan had a place in his class bubble after half term. Technically he could have been in school through this lockdown. They were only able to offer places to the children of keyworkers on the Covid-19 front line. With things improving Ethan’s headteacher thought it was time to start a phased reopening of the school.

As Little E is still learning from home Ethan found this all very confusing. Returning to school brought a few tearful moments for him in class on Monday. He quickly got back into the routine but his sleep pattern is very disturbed. There have been lots of bed-hopping and early mornings.

Little E’s school is now sending lots of emails about returning. There are already lots of things to plan for. A dressing-up day for a late World Book Day celebration. We also need to make an Easter Bonnet for the virtual Easter parade. The calendar is starting to fill up!

I’m still not sure if returning to ‘normal’ will follow the suggested dates. I’m happy to play the slow and steady game. It has been nice to think about what plans we could possibly make for the summer. The children are desperate for some adventures. It is pleasantly surprising that quite a lot of Little E’s requests are very simple. One request is to have a girlie walk into two for a hot chocolate. I think that is something I can easily arrange.

2 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Returning”

  1. I’m glad Ethan has been able to go back to school and that Little E will be back soon too. I’m not sure that we’ll follow the dates suggested in the roadmap either but it is nice to have the hope of a little more normality to look forward to. Hope Ethan’s sleep pattern improves soon. #WotW

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