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Word Of The Week – Shocked

I don’t normally write about world events on our blog as I like to keep it as a place for our family memories and not subject of huge debate but this weeks events are the basis of our word of the week. This week our word of the week is


Orlando holds a special place in our hearts as we got married there and it is the home of my favorite place, Walt Disney World. So we had a heavy heart when we heard about the terrible shootings that took place at the weekend. Another terrible act taking innocent life.

Waking on Wednesday morning we couldn’t believe it when we heard that a baby boy, more or less the same age as Little E, had been taken from the beach of the Grand Floridian hotel by an alligator. The very hotel that we got married in, the lagoon that takes you to the Magic Kingdom. A place full of happy memories for us, and many others.

There has been much debate and criticism on social media about how, and what happened to that poor little baby boy. I know that we talked about it all day, how it happened, what that poor little boy went through, how the parents were going to be leaving that place which should have been full of happy memories without their child.

I have only just been able to look at my photos of the Grand Floridian, you can see for yourself how it would be easy to forget that alligators roam in Florida waters.

DisneysGrand Floridian2Disneys Grand Floridian

I wouldn’t wish that tragic accident on my worst enemy and I really hope his parents will someday be at peace with what happened.

As if the week wasn’t bad enough yesterday we witness a terrible murder of a MP who, like everyone else, was just expressing her view in the EU Referendum. To be honest I will be glad when the EU Referendum is over. It feels like we have been watching the debates for weeks, and they always come across as doom and gloom no matter what side you are listening to.

So for us this week we have been very shocked, lets hope that next week is better for all of us.

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6 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Shocked”

  1. BloggerMummyLauren

    It’s been a very sad week, and I’ve watched the news with tars in my eyes this week. Shocking scenes in Orlando and with that poor MP, sometimes this world is pretty scary. Feeling for that poor boys parents too. #WotW

  2. I was so shocked and saddened about that poor little boy, too, but to have been there and have such special memories from there must have made it all the more shocking for you. And then Jo Cox, too, it’s been an awful week in the news, absolutely tragic. Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  3. What a horrific week, all so tragic and heartbreaking, that poor Mum has been criticised for paddling but I would have felt safe doing the same, it felt so safe there. It just breaks my heart x

  4. Wasn’t the news so awful last week? And if you had been there too on such a special occasion, the memories must have really hit home. That poor family, I cannot bear to imagine what they are going through.

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