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Word Of The Week – Spa

This week my word of the week had to be


I got to have a much-needed me day at a spa. It was the first time I have ever been on a spa day but it was a lovely break from being mum. I got to catch up with my friend and not have to worry about anyone’s needs but my own. Something I haven’t done in over five years. I come away relaxed and hopefully recharged, it was lovely.

Apart from my relaxing spa day it has been quite a busy week. We have had more meetings at Ethan’s school and I have been trying to de-clutter again. We have more toys than the local toy shop and we need to make more room for the gifts Father Christmas will bring. Both Ethan and Little E are starting to grow out of some of their toys so I think it is a natural progression.

It’s been a nice week which thankfully passed without any anxiety attacks, and I might have even started to tackle my to-do list.

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12 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Spa”

  1. Oh I bet your Spa day was just gorgeous & I hope all the relaxing benefits are still with you and all that wonderful Spa Day benefits – it isn’t often that we get chance to just be ourselves and don’t have to worry about anyone else.
    Enjoy your weekend

  2. That Spa day sounds truly delightful. Yes the little ones grow out of things far too fast don’t they. I’ve very little knowledge as to what to do for Christmas this year and according to emails and the like very little time to sort it all out. #WotW

  3. Ah so glad you had a well deserved spa day, I try to do 2 year with friends to have a much needed rest. I hope the meetings went well? And I too need to de clutter, I feel like I do it and not long after the toys have multiplied it drives me mad x

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      We have decided to make the Spa day a yearly event. You’re so right the toys multiply, I do feel like I have been trying to de-clutter all year!

  4. Oooh lovely! I think my word might have to be jealous LOL!!!! Good for you 🙂 and good luck with the de clutter.. I need to do that.. again…

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