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Word Of The Week – Spoilt

This week our routine was back to normal as Darren’s training was complete. The week started with Mother’s Day and ended with my birthday. So it was a week for me to be spoilt. We don’t do much to celebrate, to be honest, but I won’t say no to a few treats.


With Darren back at work I had my computer to myself again. This also meant I could have the radio on again whilst I worked. I didn’t want to interrupt his training last week so I left it off. Listening to his training whilst I worked. I even found myself answering some of the questions without thinking!

We didn’t do much for Mother’s Day. This was part of the plan. Since moving our weekends have been very busy. Mostly busy with life rather than unpacking the boxes still waiting for attention. So we had a down day but also had a family movie night watching the new Puss in Boots film. This is something new we have been doing. We make sure all devices are put away whilst we watch a new release film. It has been working really well. I think the next film of choice will be the new Peter Pan and Wendy film.

My Mother’s Day gifts were cards and a potted plant. If I can keep it alive I might be able to move it into the garden at some point. I also got a Mum’s keyring and a poem set in a glass display. I also got spoilt by getting to choose my favourite dinner. Which is just a pasta dish but we don’t have it that often.

This weekend was my birthday. As Darren was working we didn’t have any real plans as a family. Ethan was at his club which did mean I got to go to lunch with Little E. Darren made sure I had a birthday cake and some flowers. I also spoilt myself getting myself a new Disney mug and some pyjamas. Overall it has been a good week that has passed quite quickly.

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