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Word Of The Week – Teeth

This week our word of the week is


as we have been on teeth watch this week.

When Ethan went back to school last week we noticed that his front two lower teeth were beginning to wobble. On further inspection we noticed that Ethan’s big teeth were already coming up behind his baby teeth. This I thought was very weird as I thought your big teeth pushed the baby teeth out. Not in our case, but we like to do things a little differently!

I honestly thought that within a few days we would be inviting the tooth fairy into our home, but the baby teeth are still hanging in there. We are looking in Ethan’s mouth every few hours, hoping that we will be able to rescue the wobbly tooth. I have a feeling that the tooth will come out when we are not expecting it and we will miss it totally. I have a terrible fear that Ethan will actually swallow his teeth.

Ethan doesn’t seem bothered about his wobbly teeth. I’m not sure if he has even noticed that they are wobbly, I really hope the wobbly teeth doesn’t push us back in our ongoing teeth battle.

Little E has also had issues with her teeth this week as she is teething. She is constantly sucking her fingers and has gone off of her food. She is also grumpier than usual, hopefully it will pass for her soon.

We have a dentist visit next week so our teeth theme is going to be around for a while yet!

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6 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Teeth”

  1. Boo’s teeth came in behind her milky teeth whilst they wobbled, too, so it is OK! She had two come out a while ago, and is now grumpy that no more are wobbling! Hope Ethan’s come out soon and that Little E doesn’t suffer too much x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  2. I don’t think I ever saw one of Sir’s baby teeth after they fell out.. no idea what happened to them.. probably just as well!

  3. Hope you manage to catch the wobbly tooth on its way out and glad it’s not bothering Ethan. Teething is not much fun though – hopefully Little E will get through the latest bout quickly and be feeling much happier again.

  4. Ohh dear! I wouldn’t worry too much about Ethan swallowing teeth….Both my girls have in the past and it didn’t do them any harm…They were more worried about the tooth fairy not coming…hehehe
    Good luck at the dentist’s x

  5. Ah teeth! They can be painful when pushing through for sure. My daughter has just 4 shiny white ones that have been painful for her and caused her cheeks to be rosy red. Hope that you find the reason for the teeth being wobbly and they don’t cause more pain and upset. #WotW

  6. Wobbly teeth is such a big milestone, I think it’s the start of another journey for our not so little ones any more.Good luck with wobble watch, although I did find that – like a boiling kettle – the more we watched it the less likely it was to fall out!

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