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Word Of The Week – Upset

For me this week has been pretty good. The disruption of last week and Little E’s school having to close early meant we didn’t have to do the school runs. I know I missed out on them during Ethan’s isolation but it was nice not having the pressure of getting Little E ready for school. However this week the children have both been upset at different times.


Little E has been quite tearful all week. I think the abrupt closure of her school didn’t help her mood. She is upset because she misses her teacher. She wasn’t there during the children’s last Friday as she doesn’t normally work Friday’s. I think she tried to come in but Little E mentioned something about her having to isolate. Little E was also sad because she is missing her friends. I think losing those last three days with them really had an impact. I would really love to arrange her playdates but we are busy every weekend this summer. With me working in the week and juggling both children adding extra numbers really isn’t an option.

On Wednesday it was Ethan’s last day in Primary School. It took me a bit by surprise. It must be because we didn’t have to apply for secondary school. Continuing at the school also means no leaving ceremonies for us to attend. In theory, Ethan will only be moving upstairs. The reality is that Ethan has been in his junior primary class for the past three years. Two of those years he has had the same teacher. It will be a big change for him. Apparently, as he left the classroom he threw down his bags and gave his teacher a big hug. On Ethan’s return home, he was visibly upset. Discovering that they had to cancel Little E’s ballet class we had a full-on meltdown. I know it was more about it being the last day of school rather than the lack of dancing.

I was hoping that both children being at home for the last part of the week would make Little E happier. She has had a few tearful moments and tells me she is missing Sandy Balls. I think she is missing the attention I can give her when we are away. Juggling work and the holidays isn’t easy. The children tend to have lots of movie days which is why I like to keep them busy at the weekends. I’m keeping everything crossed our summer holiday plans happen so that I can give Little E the time she needs.

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