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Word Of The Week – Break

You might have noticed that the blog has been a bit quiet lately. Due to work and life commitments we have had to have a bit of a

it really wasn’t intentional but it had to happen. I must admit that a few years ago it would have stressed me out that I was missing my own personal blog deadlines. This time I have found the break to be a welcome one. I didn’t stress about it and I started to miss being able to write my blog posts.

I still have so many blog posts to write and videos to make for our you tube channel but they will get done at some point.  I have also missed taking our photos for the Me and Mine project which I hope to get back on track with.

The children have also been on their Easter break which I have had to juggle around my working. Ethan was lucky to be awarded some respite days which has been kept him busy. Darren also had some time off of work and he entertained Little E for me. I did feel guilty about not being so free to spend the holidays with them but we have some nice days planned in May. We also have this weekend together and we were able to visit the sea today.

2017 really has started as a busy year for us and it is flying by which is quite scary.

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6 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Break”

  1. Sometimes you do just need a break, don’t you. It’s great that you have managed to take it and not feel stressed about the things you’re breaking from. There have been times when I’ve had a few weeks off from the blog and it has made me feel more excited to come back to it!
    Glad the children have had a bit of a break this Easter, too. I know there are too many school holidays to cover with work holidays, but at least you get four days off over Easter and time to look forward to in May. I hope the weekend weather holds for you, especially if you’re heading down to the sea
    Have a lovely Easter

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