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Word Of The Week – Cold

I didn’t get a chance to blog about my word of the week last week as we were busy running errands and time run away from me. Thankfully the word of the week I would have used also describes this week and that is

The temperature really has fallen over the past few weeks. We did miss out on a good layer of snow last Friday but Little E did get the chance to see snow falling for the very first time. Darren took her out for a quick walk in it and she returned to the house very cold.

Ethan was also ill last week with a cold. I thought it was best to keep him off of school for a few days as he looked so rough. It turned out to be the best thing as his class was hit by the winter sickness bug. Thankfully with Ethan at home he missed it.

This week we actually decided to take the car into town as it was so cold. Little E has started to enjoy walking with us but we felt she would have been too cold for the journey.

Apart from the past few weeks being cold we have also celebrated Darren’s birthday. We were taken out for a meal to celebrate and also got the chance for a trip to the cinema. As always we visually marked this birthday with a cake but I think Ethan also expected balloons. We think he ended up having a meltdown because of it. As Ethan is getting older and also more aware, we are having to learn how to juggle his expectations. These are mostly expectations of routines. He always has balloons on his birthday therefore his daddy should have had balloons. Now I have to decide if the right thing to do is to get every family member a balloon on their birthday.

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4 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Cold”

  1. From what I can tell, you do a great job and will always do your best which is all any mum can do. Empathise with your choice of word – fed up of being cold despite dressing gowns, jumpers, fleeces and blankets – roll on Spring!
    Since I started home-educating, I have seem a massive drop in the amount of illnesses the children pick up – get well soon to all those poor kids with colds and bugs

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