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Word Of The Week – Goodbye

This week our word of the week has to be

as Ethan had to say goodbye to his class of two and a half years to move up to juniors. We are a bit worried about his move but his parents evening confirmed that change might be good for him now. Little E also said goodbye to some of the children in her nursery as they will be starting school in September. It has been weird watching everyone prepare for the start of school knowing that we will be doing that again soon.

Saying goodbye to school also means we say hello to the summer holidays. Ethan is finding his lack of routine hard. His sleep, well the sleep he does get, is even worse at the moment. He is controlling little things, where he eats his breakfast, what we watch on the TV. These things are easily causing meltdowns if they aren’t how he wants them to be. I have tried to go back to basics with visuals but reintroducing these caused distress. I normally end these holidays worn out and I feel like that already which is a little worrying.

We are trying to think of things that we can do to keep Ethan entertained. I’m hoping in seven weeks time we will be saying what a great summer we all had together. Well if we aren’t hopefully the children are.

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