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Word Of The Week – Last

This week our word of the week is


as it is the last week of our summer holidays.

I feel terrible that I have counted down the weeks and the time with the children but when the school holidays make your child so unsettled you crave that missed school routine.

I feel that this year we have started to get our summer holiday balance right. We had a mix of respite days for Ethan and some afternoons at nursery for Little E. We have ended this last week and a half with some lovely family days that everyone has enjoyed.

It hasn’t been easy and there have been tears, meltdowns, raised voices and two very exhausted parents but we have made some lovely memories in this mix. I really hope both children remember the highlights and not the moments when I have felt overwhelmed with it all.

As much as Ethan has been all out of sorts it has been nice to not have an alarm set. Not that we ever have to use it as Ethan has us up at the crack of dawn! Its been nice not to have to wait for school buses or worry about school uniforms. The children have enjoyed the garden together and there has even been playing alongside each other at times. They have also had their moments of friction but you can see that they miss each other after a few hours apart.

Monday will bring with it new challenges for Ethan, new anxieties to overcome. I’m looking forward to what this school year will bring for him, the new things he will learn. It might be small steps in a neurotypical world but any step forward if fantastic for him.

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14 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Last”

  1. I hope Ethan enjoys going back to school, it’s always a worrying time. My Little girl starts secondary school next week, but she’s actually quite excited about it, they’ve had lots of days when she has been able to go into the school, meet teachers and classmates and just get used to it. Even in the holidays. She’s adamant that she’s going to be ok, but as her parent I know how big this step actually is and I’m not so calm about it (But trying my best not to show it)

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      I really hope it goes well for her, i remember not being that worried about my new school and my mum was quite stressed about it all. I will be very worried when/if its Ethan’s time to start at a new school. I’m really hoping he can stay in this one until he is 16 x

  2. As an autistic person I can understand hie anxious both the start if holidays and end can impact. It sounds normal as it us hard when your with people for intense periods especially ualky now adays your expected to entertain all the time. I wish your son all the best for next week X #wotw

  3. Ah it sounds like summer had gone well Jane, I too have been counting the days as I so need a routine and its been a long summer, more because our boys are getting older and want to do their own thing more. It has made me question whether living so far out in the country is a good idea x

  4. I feel exactly the same as you I think all parents do at some point during the Summer, children thrive on structure and routine and it can be tricky to get the balance right in the Summer but it sounds like you have done a wonderful job. I hope Ethan enjoys the new school year. #WotW

  5. Holidays can be a little fraught at times because there is no routine, but it sounds like you’re making happy memories for your children and it’s the happy times – the best of times – they’ll remember.
    Best of luck with the return to school, despite the early ups and routines xx

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