Writing The Alphabet

Since Ethan’s return to school after the summer holidays, he has become obsessed with letters and words. He is back to asking us ‘What is it?‘ for every sign he sees and he is saying the letters used in the words. Ethan has been using his magna doodle in this process and we have to use it to write down the words he requests. I truly believe that through this process Ethan is teaching himself how to read but only time will tell. You can imagine my surprise when Ethan decided he would write down the alphabet by himself on the magna doodle.


A few weeks earlier he had used the keyboard to write out the alphabet on his iPad but I didn’t know how well his writing had improved. Ethan’s motor skills are something that need to be developed and worked on and there are many things he struggles with. To see him start to write is amazing.

Being able to read and write would be life changing for Ethan and it looks like he is making steps in the right direction.

8 thoughts on “Writing The Alphabet”

  1. That’s amazing, I love it when little ones decide to take their learning into their own hands. And, well I’m an English teacher in my none mummy life so I always love to see children loving letters. Well done Ethan!

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