About Me

I’m Jane, a thirty-something stay at home mum of two.

My Two Children

I’m the planner of the family, planner of our meals and shopping lists, birthdays, Christmas, days out, places to go and people to see. Basically I plan how to spend Darren’s hard-earned cash!

Darren would say my biggest downfall is my lack of house keeping skills, I’m more organised chaos than cleaner of the year, but together we make a pretty good team. 

I’m a big believer of Disney dreams and magic and was lucky enough to fulfill a dream I had since the age of sixteen and be a Disney Bride.

Our Disney WeddingOur Disney WeddingOur Disney Wedding Our Disney WeddingOur Disney WeddingOur Disney Wedding Our Disney WeddingOur Disney WeddingOur Disney Wedding

Even luckier that we were able to take a trip to Walt Disney World as a family of three. 


Walt Disney World


My new Disney dream is to go back for our tenth wedding anniversary, our first trip as a family of four. At the moment it feels like that dream will only become a reality with a lottery win. I don’t give up easily so watch this space…

My life has seen lots of changes over the past six years. I have gone from a full-time career woman who lived to work, to a wife and mother working part-time. Now, with Ethan’s diagnosis, I have become a full-time mum discovering a new world of special needs. 

Welcome to our little space of the Internet…

Our Family

…we hope you enjoy our journey. 

3 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I am sooo jealous of your Disney wedding! I am Disney mad and haven’t been able to take Josh yet, we are booking to go to Paris next year and do a few days of Disneyland. But one day I am determined to take him to Florida, it is my favourite memories from childhood and I want him to have that to.

  2. Hi Jane,

    Hope you’re well. I wanted to drop you a line to see if there’s any potential collaboration for our business with your blog. I have been looking for a few blogs to work with and recently came across yours, which I really liked.

    I work for LovetheSales – we aggregate sales from around 500 retailers and display them all on one website. We focus predominantly on fashion, but also cover home, garden, electronics, sports etc.

    We’ve worked with a few bloggers and can work in a variety of ways, from gifting items to paying. Would be great to find out how you work on things like this and see if we can do something. Would be great to get on your site.

    Have a lovely bank holiday weekend,

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