We welcomed Ethan into the world on a bright sunny day in May 2010. It wasn’t only a day that changed our lives forever, it was also a day that the country changed, as that was the day the coalition government came into power. I remember the first thing I was asked when I walked into the labour ward was who won the election. It wasn’t something that really concerned me at the time!

Ethan was a week early but my labour went on for hours. After what felt like a lifetime of ‘we will see how you are in an hour’ and me getting very upset, an emergency c-section was finally agreed. Ethan finally arrived at 9.06 am.



It wasn’t until after Ethan’s two-year check that we realised he was showing autistic traits, he was diagnosed on the autistic spectrum in February 2013. 



Ethan’s autism brings with it developmental delays. He is non-verbal but we are starting to get some words. My biggest wish is that one day we will be able to talk to Ethan and communicate in some form.

He has a fantastic personality and loves to smile and laugh. He loves water, swimming, bubbles and thrill rides. He is also a whizz on the iPad and has taught himself how to use any apps we have downloaded for him.    

Our journey with Ethan is not the one we expected. It is full of ups and downs, but we are making amazing discoveries along the way. I was once told…

“Autism is different not less, different can be awesome too”.

2 thoughts on “Ethan”

  1. He is sooo cute!
    Wow – sounds like you may have a future computer whizz there! Mine loves the iPad, but all she actually does is hit home & exit any app she was fascinated in looking at!

    Have you tried any Makaton with him for communication?

  2. Our little guy turned 2 last month and has been showing ASD symptoms and traits for a while now. We’re waiting on a proper diagnosis, but are able to make use of Autism support services and early childhood development services, so we’ve been kind of lucky there.
    I look forward to reading your journey!


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