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    Lucky Fortune Collectible Bracelets REVIEW

    little e pink lucky fortune cookie

    WowWee the makers of the fingerlings and the collectible Kissable Keychains S.W.A.K. have added a new collectible product to their range. Lucky Fortune, a surprise collectible bracelet. Lucky Fortune Shaped like fortune cookies crack them open to reveal a collectible charm bracelet and your fortune. You are able to wear your luck on your sleeve. With over 100 different bracelets to collect you can collect them all, trade them or even pass some luck on to your friends. The Lucky Fortune cookie can even double up as a key chain for little keepsakes. Which Charms Did We Find Inside Our Lucky Fortune Cookies? Little E was sent four Lucky Fortune…

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    Blume Doll REVIEW

    little e blume dolls

    Little E was asked if she would like to review the new surprise collectible Blume Doll. She absolutely loves flowers and knowing that these dolls grow before your eyes I knew she would love them. I was also very interested to see how it all worked. Could these dolls really grow and bloom? The Blume Doll Add water to your Blume Doll and watch to see who will grow from the flower pot. There are 22 Blume dolls to collect each comes with multiple surprises as well as a secret play-set. They have over-the-top hairstyles and outfits that can be interchanged with the other dolls. Each doll is also accompanied…

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    Teamsterz Micro Motorz REVIEW

    teamsterz micro motorz

    Little E loves opening collectible toys. These have mostly been aimed at young girls. This time Little E was sent something different, Teamsterz Micro Motorz. A surprise collectible toy featuring cars. Teamsterz Micro Motorz In series 1 of the Teamsterz Micro Motorz collectibles, there are 21 cars to collect. Each Teamsterz Micro Motorz pack has three capsules to open that contain 6 surprises. This includes A team sticker Tuning tool and collectable leaflet The launcher An interchangeable car part to modify your car The display/launch capsule And 1 Micro Motorz vehicle The 21 cars available to collect that belong to four teams. There are cool, rare and ultra-rare cars to…

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    LOL Surprise Lils REVIEW

    lol surprise lils

    The bundle of LOL Surprise gifts that Little E was sent for Easter included items for an Easter Egg Hunt, LOL Surprise Hairgoals, LOL Surprise Fuzzy Pets, and two LOL Surprise Lils. In this review, we share with you what we found in both LOL Surprise Lils Makeover Series sets. LOL Surprise Lils The LOL Surprise Lils have lots of Lils surprises to discover inside. You might find a pet, a Lils sis or even a Lils brother. In this series, there are 18 Lils characters to collect. The following Lils are available Popular Lils Pup In The Woods – Chill Out Club Lil Leading Baby – Glam Club Lil…

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    LOL Surprise Fuzzy Pets REVIEW

    stage owl dance club lol surprise fuzzy pets

    Little E’s Easter bundle of LOL Surprise gifts included items for an Easter Egg Hunt, LOL Surprise Hairgoals, LOL Surprise Fuzzy Pets, and LOL Surprise Lils. In this review, we share with you what we found in the LOL Surprise Fuzzy Pets Makeover Series set. LOL Surprise Fuzzy Pets The LOL Surprise Fuzzy Pets come covered in soft fuzz. You can wash the fuzz off the pet to reveal your character underneath. This means you can collect multiples of the same pet and style the fuzz to make them look different. In this series, there are 18 pets to collect. The following pets are available Popular Pets Yin Hoot –…

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