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    World Autism Awareness Day – An Update Of Our Autism Journey

    world autism awareness day an update of our autism journey

    It’s that day of the year again! A day that I would rather ignore but my job as an autism mum is to make people aware of the world of autism. This will hopefully create a world where autism is accepted and hopefully help our children’s everyday struggles. Today is World Autism Awareness Day. Last year was the toughest year of our autism journey so far. Our life routine changed and our son reacted to that change by throwing. A continuous throwing that resulted in me having to seek professional help from the doctor. To be honest it was help that had been long overdue as I have had struggles…

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    Autism – Why I Believe Horse Riding Is Important

    I love horses, I always have. At five I was having horse riding lessons. But horses are an expensive past time. If I ever won the lottery, horses are high on my list of must haves. I have tried to pass this love of horses onto my children. Whenever I get the chance I have taken them on pony rides. Ethan had his very first pony ride at three. Little E experienced her first pony ride at Center Parcs. On my Disney World bucket list is horse riding at Fort Wilderness. We even had miniature horses at our wedding they are the main reason I wanted to include Cinderella’s Carriage…

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    Autism And The Continuous Throwing

    This year must have been one of the worst we have had on our autism journey. We reached breaking point on a few occasions but thankfully the summer holidays have brought with them a calmness. For some reason this was the year that Ethan decided he would start continuous throwing. This new habit started in January. One day Ethan just started to throw things. We can only think that he liked the sound the objects made when they hit the floor. He has always loved cause and effect and this was his new way of fulfilling his need. The problem was his iPad was one of the main objects he…

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    Autism Awareness Day 2018, Where are We in Our Journey!

    Today marks another Autism Awareness Day and reminds me that autism wasn’t something we were aware of just a few short years ago. I wasn’t planning on writing a blog post today but looking back at my previous posts I realised I didn’t mark this day last year. I also didn’t mark Ethan’s diagnosis day for the past two years like I used to. I think this could be a good thing, that perhaps autism isn’t such the shock that it once was but I think the truth of it is we are just so busy. Busy juggling autism, our very active son, a very active toddler and life in…

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    Autism and Snow Days!

    We have had quite a few snow days since we moved into our home. I would call them typical British snow days. The snow comes down, there might be just enough to play with and by the next day it is already melting. In 2012 we had a good snowfall but it arrived on a Sunday morning. We have never had school cancelled or even trouble to get into work. That was until last week when the Beast From The East decided to strike. This resulted in school being closed for three and a half days! Our Snow Day Experience Knowing that we didn’t have to venture out in the…

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