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BABY Born Bathtub REVIEW

Little E has been sent some lovely BABY born items to review over the past year. These include the BABY born sister, the BABY born wash-basin, BABY born scooter and the BABY born Bath Toothcare Spa. Little E loves playing with water so the wash-basin was a big hit. When I was asked if she would like to review the BABY born Bathtub and the BABY born brother I knew she wouldn’t say no.

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BABY Born Bathtub REVIEW

BABY Born Bathtub

BABY born can have lots of fun in this bathtub. Press the button on the tub to switch on the bathtub’s automatic shower function, unique light show, and sound effects.

little e baby born bathtub boxed

In the base of the tub, there is the light that lights up in all the colours of the rainbow. The bathtub also plays the BABY born tune and bathing sounds. Water automatically pours out of the showerhead. This showerhead is also extendable making it easier to reach the bottom of the tub. This bathtub is suitable for dolls up to 43cm. It also comes with Berta the rubber duck.

berta rubber duck

What’s Included In The Box?

  • 1 BABY Born Bathtub
  • 1 Berta the Rubber Duck

Please note 4 x AA batteries are required to use this toy.


BABY born Bathrobe

Little E was also sent a BABY born bathrobe so that her BABY born brother could wrap up warm after his bath.

baby born brother baby born bathrobe

What Does Little E Love About This BABY Born Set?

As expected Little E loved playing with the bathtub. She loved the shower function and all the sound effects. She pretended that she was blowing bubbles in the water when they played.

little e washing baby brother

Little E was a little over-enthusiastic with the water. It did go over the sides of the bath but thankfully it was easy to clean up as we were in the kitchen. I’m sure Little E will have hours of fun playing with this bathtub.

little e washing baby born brother

You can watch our unboxing video and Little E’s first reactions to the bathtub below.

What Do I Love About This BABY Born Set?

I wasn’t aware of what this bathtub did when it arrived. The supplied batteries only powered the sound effects but when I changed them the automatic shower function and the light show worked.

In her excitement, Little E did splash water outside of the bath but this was just from the showerhead. When she was aware of what she was doing the water was easier to contain.

I think this bath is a great addition to your child’s BABY born collection. It has provided lots of fun so far in our house.

DISCLOSURE – We received the BABY Born Bathtub and BABY Born Bathrobe as a gift. This was for the purposes of this post and to create our YouTube video. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences of the products we receive.

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